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“I have been working with ICA since I started working with my current company 5 and a half years ago.  Initially, I was skeptical of the company having a ‘risk management consultant’ in its monthly expenses, because I had never experienced that before in any other company.  Within two to three months of interacting with ICA, I realized that the service & value which they provide far outweighed the cost of having their expertise working on our risk management issues.  When I was promoted to CFO a few years ago, I began to rely even more on ICA as my ‘outsourced, in-house risk management colleague’.
In the 5 years I’ve worked with ICA, I have not made a single insurance decision without first consulting with ICA, and I have never been disappointed in the value, expertise, relevance, depth, or timeliness of their counsel.  Besides the annual D&O and package renewals, which is one instance where ICA really adds measurable value, I always feel that my insurance experts are only a phone call/email away.
As a public company CFO, knowing that I can rely on ICA to support my team and eliminate blind spots is extremely valuable.

– Mark Guerin, CFO

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