They have continually saved us money, improved our coverage and kept us competitive… when many of our competitors have left the industry due to tremendous operational overhead. - Client


Industries Served

Risk management professionals have to really know the Client’s industry to actually provide value to the Client.

That’s what it means to specialize. And the Client deserves a risk management professional that understands that. ICA makes it our priority to know all there is to know about multiple industries from real estate, retail and hospitality to manufacturing, banking, professional services and more. ICA has specialists that can help design and implement the most optimal and cost-effective risk management programs to address the Client’s risks in ways that others cannot.

ICA has served the Chemical Industry over four decades. With clients that have ranged from aerospace safety-product manufactures, to urethane-product distributors, and clients that source organic and inorganic compounds, reagents, phase transfer catalysts, dyes, metallic elements, and others, ICA is a professional team member of our Chemical Industry clients’ operational and financial risk management organizations.Read more

Developers and businesses in the construction industry must be sure to understand the types of exposures that can halt their operations, create injury, fall short of compliance and regulation requirements, as well as protect themselves against builder’s risks and employment related claims. If unaddressed the severity of these exposures could devastate the business and its reputation. Read more

ICA has served institutions and educational facilities for decades, including smaller private organizations and some of the fastest growing colleges and professional studies programs, some with international schools around the world. Read more

Whether classified as a Generation, Distribution, or Transmission entity, all of these entities that facilitate industrial economic development and consumer well-being, must take extreme care in preserving their operational health, recoverability from loss, and business continuity. Since the efficiency of harvesting or harnessing electrons determines the energy sector’s sustainability, energy leaders should find no surprise in the complexities of risk that run parallel to their organizations.Read more

ICA has served the financial institution industry for several decades from the east to west coasts of the United States. ICA’s clients include banks, credit unions, credit card processing services, investment companies, finance companies, hedge funds, wealth management firms, and other industry organizations.Read more

ICA’s clientele in healthcare populate all areas of the industry and are throughout North America, Europe and Asia. These clients include hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, national senior living facilities, visiting nurse services, ambulance companies, medical billing services and of course, drug and alcoholism rehabilitation centers etc. Read more.

ICA provides its services to the hospitality industry across the United States as the client’s complete outsourced risk management department or to others on a per-project basis. ICA’s clients in the hospitality industry include national restaurant chains, some of the largest and prominent hotel chains in the world, casinos, clubs, music and entertainment venues, sports associations, and other entertainment organizations, all which give testimony to the value of ICA’s services provided to organizations in the hospitality industry.Read more

ICA understands the vital risks facing manufacturers of specialty and staple products because professionals at ICA have owned or managed manufacturing businesses in different industries and in different states prior to joining ICA. Manufacturers that operate or transact business within the United States or internationally must face the reality that the global business world is changing transiently.Read more

Protecting the organizational health of public entities is critical to the support of key services across The United States. From national or international organizations that rely on ICA’s niche services, ICA’s expertise and experience address the institutional and independent risk management needs according to the client’s prioritized business-objectives. Read more

As ICA is a service organization comprised of individuals who work to serve others, it is therefore understood that Not for Profit Organizations (NFP(s)) would not exist without the vision and charitable endeavors pursued by a unique class of people that comprise them.Read more

ICA has been serving clients in the pharmaceutical industry for decades, ranging from manufacturers of multi-vitamins for the biological synthetic absorption of key nutrients, medicinal product manufacturers, oncological and clinical trial organizations, pharmaceutical technology companies, distributor chains, and others.Read more

As a professional service firm, ICA understands the need for a professional service provider to maintain its excellent reputation. Therefore, ICA’s consultants put the due care and sense of ownership in every service provided to its professional client, as if ICA were the actual client. From sole proprietors and family offices, to prominent law firms, accounting firms, medical service providers, and other professional service providers, ICA proactively identifies and assesses the risks associated with their providing services and related business actives to the public.Read more

ICA has served publicly held companies for over sixty years in nearly every industry, including some of the largest real estate and development industry clients, hospitality, entertainment, retailers, chemical, manufacturing, and other industries. As one of the most diverse categories of business, publicly traded companies are exposed to risks that other types of businesses do not face, mainly that of ownership by a diverse group of individuals that own the company’s stock. Therefore, the pressure on management as well as their focus, is on maximizing the value of their company’s market capitalization.Read more

For over sixty years, ICA’s servicing of the real estate industry has evolved to address the risk management needs of REITs, property owners and developers, property managers of commercial and habitational organizations, and for those in other real estate business sectors. To adequately manage their risks, real estate decision makers need to understand the importance of identifying the numerous causes of loss that may face their organizations.Read more

For decades, ICA has serviced hundreds of retailers throughout The United States, Canada, and Europe, which have global and local operations. Since ICA’s inception in 1956, retailers’ decision makers have relied on ICA to advise them with cutting-edge risk transfer strategies aimed at limiting retailers’ overall cost of risk, with focus on their needs to protect their margins. It is just as important for retailers to protect their operations and the financial risks facing them, as it is crucial to identify potential redundancies in their operations and activities. Read more

The transportation industry is a staple for the United States’ and Global economies. As this industry has experienced premium rates increasing over recent years, and expectations reveal that transportation businesses’ rates will to continue to rise, the necessity to proactively benchmark insurance costs and secure adequate coverages must shift into high-gear. Read more

• Private Schools – Religious/Other
• School Districts
• Universities/Colleges

• Collectors & Distributors of mechanical license fees on behalf of music publishers
• Industrial Safety
• Music Producers
• Music Publishers
• Record Companies
• Rights Management Companies
• Talent and Sports Agencies
• Theme Parks
• TV Stations

Family Owned Offices

• Banks
• Credit Card Processing Services
• Finance Companies
• Guaranty Companies
• Hedge Funds
• Holding Company

Franchisors & Franchises

Manufacturing, Importing & Distributing
• Aircraft Products
• Appliances
• Automotive Products
• Bakeries
• Biomedical Products
• Building Products
• Chemicals
• Clothing (Men’s, Women’s, Children’s and Infants’)
• Colors for Plastics
• Containers
• Corrugated Products
• Electronics
• Food Processing
• Food Products
• Forged Steel Products
• Furs
• General Merchandise
• Handbags
• Home Products
• Industrial Products
• Industrial Steel, Iron, Metal
• Jewelry
• Leather
• Medical Products
• Oil
• Paper Mills
• Paper Products
• Pharmaceuticals
• Poultry Farms
• Printing/Publishing
• Rubber Products
• Sports & Fitness Equipment
• Subscription Fulfillment
• Steel Shredding
• Tanneries
• Textiles
• Watches

Private Equity Firms

Professional & Business Services
• Accounting Firms
• Advertising
• Architects & Engineers
• Building Services
• Clothing Import Buyer’s Office
• Communication
• Computerized Services
• Consultants- Environmental
• Contractors — All Industries
• HealthCare/Nursing Services
• Heating/Air Conditioning
• Hospitality
• Industrial Safety
• Information Technology
• Landscaping
• Law Firms
• Marketing Organizations
• Nursing Homes
• Physicians Practices
• Security Firms
• Software Developers
• Software Management Systems for the Construction Industry
• Sprinkler Installation
• Telemarketing Firms
• Travel Agencies

Real Estate
• Commercial & Habitational
• Construction
• Maintenance
• Management / Development

• Appliances
• Automotive Dealers
• Casinos
• Clothing
• Electronics
• Fine Arts
• Fitness Centers
• Fuel Oil
• Furniture
• Garage/Parking
• Gas Stations
• Groceries/Supermarkets
• Home Improvement
• Jewelers
• Liquor
• Office Products
• Pharmacies
• Restaurants
• Sporting Goods
• Textiles

• Ambulance Services
• Bus Lines
• Freight Forwarders
• Logistics
• Shipping Lines
• Trucking

• Cemeteries
• Correctional Facilities
• Government/Municipalities
• Hotels/Resorts
• Not-for-Profit

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