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ICA’s Workers Compensation Claims Management service helps to establish properly directed, managed, and controlled medical cost management and back to work programs. This in turn will drastically reduce the cost of the workers’ compensation program, boost the employer’s bottom line, and improve employee morale. The goal is to reach a situation where there is no such thing as a lost time accident.

Excessive workers’ compensation insurance cost is the result of higher than normal rates of work related injury, both in terms of severity and frequency, and the consequent medical and lost time costs. This high frequency of claims in turn impacts the experience modification factor as well. Within the parameters of the law, the employer can and should take charge of managing an employee who has suffered a job related injury.

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See Below for How It Works:

Analyze the policy provisions and the requirements of the Workers’ Compensation and Disability statutes of the States in which the employer operates.

First, we review management techniques for workers’ compensation claims management, and set up procedures and design manuals for use by supervisors and management. Then, we implement educating and training line supervisors and staff in the human resources department on proper management of employees’ work related injuries and lost time, and coordinate the investigation of fraudulent occupational disease and injury claims. Furthermore, we arrange for medical providers to facilitate the program, and implement a light duty program for injured workers to return to work within the recommendations of the medical providers. Finally, we monitor all aspects of the program and make modifications as necessary.

Negotiate reserves established by current and previous insurance carriers for medical and lost time claims.

Coordinate the recapture of workers’ compensation premium dollars from prior insurers.

Evaluate Insurance Company’s loss prevention and safety recommendations, as well as the client’s safety program, and assist in implementing such recommendations or suitable alternatives.

Assist in formulating strategy for plant closing, layoffs and reduction in operations, with reference to likely increase in subsequent workers’ compensation claims.