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A sincere congratulations to Gary S. Koppele and his team for receiving the Vendor of the Year Award in 2017 from Houlihan’s ACE Restaurant Group!

Known for its ability to attract and maintain long term quality Associates, consultants and employees, ICA is proud to have supported the growth and success of the following individuals to reach these important levels of tenure:

  • Nathan Unger celebrates 35 years
  • Loraine Kraus celebrates 30 years
  • Marc Diamond celebrates 30 years
  • Marge Mele celebrates 30 years
  • Michael W. Gurval celebrates 30 years
  • Kristen Hand celebrates 20 years
  • Dawn Messina celebrates 10 years
  • Kristie Granados celebrates 10 years
  • Eric Wall celebrates 5 years
  • Jill McWilliams celebrates 5 years