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Our Services
      Risk Management Consulting Service
      Risk Management Program Marketing
      Risk Management Program Audit
      Design and Management of Certificate of Insurance Program
      Employee Benefit Consulting Service
      Risk Assessment Service For Directors & Officers
      Executive Insurance Review Consulting Service
      Out Sourced Risk Management and Placement Service
      Mergers & Acquisitions Due Diligence Consulting Service
      Expert Witness and Litigation Support Service
      Contractual Review of Insurance Clauses, Indemnification Clauses and Lease Language
      Lease Analysis and Expense Recapture Consulting Service
      Business Continuity and Disaster Contingency Planning Consulting Service
      First Party Property Claims Preparation and Recovery Service
      Third Party Claims Management and Audit Service
      Audit Service of Third Party Administrator/National Claims Counsel
      Workers Compensation Claims Management Service
      Environmental Management Consulting Service
      Reorganization and Bankruptcy Service
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      "Risk Reports to the Runway"
      “A Survival Series: Risk Management Techniques for the Real Estate Industry”
      "Survivor Series"
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