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ICA has served institutions and educational facilities for decades, including smaller private organizations and some of the fastest growing colleges and professional studies programs in the United States’ northeast some with international schools around the world.

Decision Makers of educational institutions must be made aware and become knowledgeable about the issues and flaws that can be typically discovered within their policies and operational agreements, which may create uncovered exposures.

As growing concerns increase among educators in the areas of premises liability from asbestos or other contaminants becoming discovered on campuses, failure to maintain code and regulation requirements, misconduct and sexual harassment, discrimination claims and awards becoming more prevalent, organizations in all sectors of the education industry must be prudent to properly identify their exposures and manage the causes of loss that face them. Further, as many higher learning facilities may undergo pressure being caught between increasing student-loan debt and the organization potentially failing to meet its financial responsibilities, their Presidents, Trustees, and other management team members are advised to learn about the exposures that could create loss to all parties with interest in the respective organization.

As educators are key for establishing the foundation of society’s future, the survival and ability of their management, to ensure the ongoing provision of their many services, rests on learning how to protect the people and assets upon which they rely. From the growing use of drones, 3-dimensional printing, and artificial intelligence, to renovation of and new construction projects, management of habitational residences, provision of medical services, and more, ICA is experienced in helping educators appropriately manage and transfer the risks associated with educational institution’s activities. Therefore, decision makers of these organizations must be keen on changes to their insurance and risk management programs, to protect themselves. For example, ICA was able to carve back coverage to be provided for a client in this industry, after an insurer denied first and third party coverage by enacting The War Exclusion (not typical), in the instance that the school is shut-down following a state-sponsored organization or “rogue actor” sponsored by a foreign enemy. These are the types of issues that today’s educational facilities must protect themselves against, and the associated risks are very real.

ICA takes a comprehensive approach to addressing educational institutions’ exposures to loss. This holds truth especially as more of these organizations across the nation are adopting new technology and procedures, integration of outsourced personnel and resources, as well as offering on-site and off-site experiential learning experiences. ICA’s clients include public and private schools, colleges and universities, other school districts, and many with habitational risks tied to their operations.

The following excerpt from one of our clients’ testimonials exemplifies the value provided by ICA:

“Superb!! I have always been impressed with the extent of your knowledge about insurance matters and your ability to convey same succinctly to those less informed. Great job, my friend.” – Client

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