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ICA ’s Associates and consultants continually strive to fulfill our commitment of maintaining an organization of seasoned business professionals of superior intellect, experience, commitment and work ethic. Just ask our clients!

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Arnold K. Runestad; President - Houlihan's / A.C.E. Restaurant Group, Inc.:
Dear Grace and Gary,
Throughout our many years together, you both have worked diligently on our account and saved my company millions of dollars. Your servicing of the account is impeccable and you both are truly one of our favorite business partners. As a recipient of “Vendor of the Year” for A.C.E. we will always be grateful of your dedication and accountability to us.
We will recommend ICA to future Business Partners and Professional Acquaintances as we know what a phenomenal job you do. Thank you both, so much for all your hard work on our behalf.

I will be retiring soon and wish to express my appreciation to all the Associates and staff.
ICA is a good company to work for and I have enjoyed my time here very much. The people are friendly, helpful and courteous. When I started at ICA I planned to stay one year and here I am finishing up four great years.

Thank you all for everything,

Steve Figurelli; Principal - Safari Telecom, Inc. (Telecommunication Services)::
Barron Wall and the ICA team are always professional, thorough, extremely responsive and proactive. Kathleen Chambers and Vish are very knowledgeable and very on top of our account and insurance policies. The support Safari telecom has received is empowering and reassuring for me personally. I would not hesitate to recommend ICA Risk Management Consultants and will do so at my next opportunity.

Linda Jovanovich, Executive Vice President – Hardwood Manufacturers Association:

"Many thanks for your excellent presentation at HMA’s 2011 National Conference. It was quite well-received. I over-heard members discussing ideas at the evening’s reception. The immediate take-home value of the information you presented received high positive feedback.

We appreciated your preparation, professionalism and substance. You certainly contributed to a very successful program in Charleston.

It was a pleasure meeting you and I look forward to working with you again."

See Client Letter

Loucretia B. Campos, MBA, CPA, - Chief Financial Officer - Continental Property Services, Inc.

" ICA has worked for us for several years. They have brought an amazing level of sophistication, competition, smooth processes during claims, etc. to our insurance program. They have introduced us to issues of our entire program, language within our program and questions that we never knew to ask. They are not brokers. They are engaged by us, paid by us, and have our best interest in mind with the insurance industry. ICA, and Bernie Hammer, came highly recommended to me years ago by another valuable source I had with my flood program. We highly recommend ICA."

Brian Kurtz, Senior Vice President, Vornado Realty Trust (Real Estate Investment Trust):

“We have seen brokers and insurance companies come and go, but ICA continues to find the strongest policy language at the most competitive pricing. ICA partners with our in-house professional staff by offering unbiased insight into the insurance industry, which we could never obtain from a broker.”

“One particular example of ICA’s expertise and willingness to rise to the occasion during tough times occurred immediately after September 11, 2001. As the owner of billions of dollars in NYC real estate, we were acutely concerned as to how our various property policies would protect us in the event of another terrorist act. ICA’s experts carefully analyzed all of our property policies with a critique utilizing various hypothetical loss situations, created an in depth study of which coverages would protect us, what limits were applicable to which properties, what exclusions and limitations would apply, and how we could immediately amend certain aspects of our policies to protect us further from another catastrophic loss such as 9/11. They held a meeting during which they explained to all of our senior executives exactly how each possible loss scenario would play out from an insurance perspective. This was a huge learning and eye-opening experience for all of us, and we were reassured once again of ICA’s expertise. In the months that followed, ICA helped steer us through the myriad of developments in the Terrorism Coverage world to assure we obtained the best and fairest priced terrorism coverage currently offered.”

“Even before 9/11, we had solidly reached the determination that ICA is as necessary and valuable as our accounting firms and our legal counsel, and we invite them to provide insight into every big business decision we make.” See our Out-Sourced Risk Management and Placement Service, our Business Continuity and Disaster Contingency Planning Consulting Service, and our First Party Property Claims Preparation and Recovery Service.

Burton Honig, Senior Executive of Applica, Inc. (Manufacturer of Small Appliances):

“When ICA was first referred to us by our accounting firm in 1991, I was skeptical. We thought our insurance program was adequately priced, yet we gave ICA a shot at reviewing it. ICA compared our exposures to our existing risk management program, prepared specifications and arranged a competitive marketing strategy including brokers and insurance companies from all over the country who specialized in our risks. The end result was a one-year savings of 35% in premiums alone, yet at the same time our insurance coverage was significantly improved.”

“We also ran our most important acquisition, the purchase of Black & Decker’s Household Products Group, past ICA, and they pointed out significant issues from a risk perspective that our other professionals had not addressed. The advice and information provided has been invaluable, and the cost of ICA’s services has been repaid in savings many times over. We can’t be experts in all areas, but by partnering with ICA, they can be our experts in risk management so we can trust that our needs are being addressed adequately and professionally.”  See our Mergers & Acquisitions Due Diligence Consulting Service.

Larry A. Rabinowitz, Chief Financial Officer - Virginia Specialty Stores Inc. (Retail Clothing Chain):

“It has been more than eight years since you started to provide risk management consulting services to Virginia Specialty Stores. And, it has been eight years of professional excellence, commitment and integrity that I have rarely seen in other professionals. As I prepare to hang up my gloves after being at Virginia Specialty Stores for the better part of my working life, the many relationships I have had in these years come to mind - mostly good, but some not so good. However, one of my warmest relationships - one which stands out in my mind - has been my association with you.”

“When ICA first became involved in Virginia Specialty Stores’ risk management program, I was skeptical - like, I imagine, many CFO’s are - about what value a consultant could bring to the table, which I did not get from the alphabet house broker servicing our account. But then, your challenge that Virginia Specialty Stores could terminate your services at any time with no questions asked, if we were not satisfied with the value we were getting, made your proposal interesting. Of course, the very first meeting we had with the broker with you present, showed me what a vacuum we had been in, not only in terms of how over-priced our insurance program was, but also how lucky Virginia Specialty Stores had been till then not to have had one of the many uncovered losses which you pointed out could have happened for which we did not have coverage. It is then that I realized that having your insurance placed by a big brokerage firm did not mean much unless we had someone who solely looked after our interests - and that someone was ICA. And, even at that first meeting, I knew that ICA and Virginia Specialty Stores were destined for a long relationship.”

“Over the years, I have admired the manner in which you have discharged your professional responsibilities. You have constantly updated yourself with the latest risk management and insurance products, and did not hesitate to share your knowledge of risk management and insurance with me. You have mentioned to me on more than one occasion that you and the Client worked as a team, to reduce the incidence and severity of unforeseen losses for the Client, and that this result could be achieved only if the Client was knowledgeable in this critical area. I have always appreciated your forthright approach, and can frankly say that this is not something I get from most other professionals - accountants, attorneys or insurance brokers.”

“I have challenged you on many occasions - especially when you reviewed our Employee Benefits Program - such as why you would suggest choosing a certain proposal, how a particular level of deductible would reduce Virginia Specialty Stores costs...I must tell you that I have always been impressed by the rationality and objectivity of your recommendations. I appreciate the work you have done for Virginia Specialty Stores all these years, and the dedication and integrity which you have demonstrated. On a personal level, you have been a friend, philosopher and guide to me, and I would always cherish our relationship...”. See our Risk Management Program Marketing and Employee Benefit Consulting Service.

See Client Letter

Howard Gutterman, Chief Financial Officer, Fleet Street Ltd. (Clothing Importer/Distributor):

“For years, we retained ICA as our risk management consultant, but limited their involvement to what we felt was important, the property policies and the liability policies. Yet they kept requesting to take a look at our Ocean Marine policy. We thought we had that portion entirely under control, so we refused their persistent requests. Finally, when a claim occurred where we needed some more experienced input, we allowed them to take a look at the policy. ICA audited our existing policy, found significant gaps, then marketed the policy and managed to cut our premium from $115,000 to $60,000 in one year, while drastically expanding the coverage provided by the policy! I’ll trust ICA in the future when they ask to get involved in any aspect of our risk management program. Their efforts have never failed to pay off!” See our Risk Management Audit and Marketing Services.

Brenda Crawford, Legal Assistant/Risk Manager, Sport Supply Group, Inc.:

ICA has been our Risk Management Consulting firm since 1995 and we have found that they consistently bring innovative ideas to help us meet our risk management goals.  ICA marketed our casualty insurance program again this year, spearheaded by  their team of professionals who are most knowledgeable in the insurance marketplace for sporting goods manufacturers and distributors. Furthermore, as a result of their recommendations, we interviewed insurance brokers to compete on our account, all of whom had knowledge of our industry.  As a result of ICA’s guidance and by educating the competing insurance companies and underwriters on our risks and giving them a comfort level with our business practices, safety procedures, certificate of insurance program, etc., ICA was able to produce a savings of 38% on our products liability rate. This dramatic reduction in cost produced a premium savings of $97,000.  In addition, the premium for our Umbrella Liability Policy experienced similar savings.

We continue to rely on ICA’s knowledge of the marketplace and the value that they bring to our company in so many areas." See our Risk Management Program Marketing Service.

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