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If you are not sure whether you need to retain the services of a risk management consultant, take a look at the “I-C-A Risk Quiz” below. If you answer “true” to more than two items below, it is time for you to discuss your risk management issues with ICA.

1. I have never had an objective, independent review of my insurance and risk management program
2. I have not compared the cost and content of my risk management program with those of similar competitors
3. I have no disaster/contingency plan in place
4. I have suffered a loss I thought would be covered but was not
5. My loss history has made it difficult to purchase insurance
6. I have become dissatisfied with my broker or insurer
7. I have become dissatisfied with the claims handling provided by my broker or insurer
8. I am not convinced that all of my businesses are properly covered on my policies
9. I have faced significant, inexplicable increases in my insurance premiums
10. I have not re-marketed my insurance program in the past three years
11. My company is considering a merger, purchase or sale or operational change, or is entering into a new business venture
12. I have decided to out-source risk management
13. I have not explored other methods of financing my risk, particularly in my Employee Benefit Plan
14. My business has changed significantly so as to require an evaluation for new or additional coverage
15. I have a claims management company handling my claims but feel they are too expensive or do a poor job
16. I have faced exorbitant health insurance cost increases, or my health insurer has gone bankrupt
17. I own a property with an environmental condition that causes problems when seeking insurance
18. I am subject to Sarbanes-Oxley and need to validate that my Directors & Officers coverage will adequately protect my company

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