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 “Risk Reports to the Runway” is a series co-authored by Barron S. Wall, ARM, PMC, Karen Wallace Walter, Esq., ARM, and Michael A. Santulli, Esq. and is published monthly in Fashion Mannuscript. If you are interested in reviewing our Risk Reports Series, please contact us

  • If Your Computer Network Crashes - Are You Covered? 
  • Keeping Employee Lawsuits at Bay - Don’t Go Naked!
  • Security, Security: But Is Your Insurance Secure Enough? 
  • Ocean Transit: Broader Coverage is Available, if only your Broker Would Ask For It 
  • Ocean Transit: Rejected Shipments - Are You Covered? 
  • Ocean Marine: Not Just a Shipping Policy Anymore 
  • Is Your Foreign Insurance Coverage Foreign to You? 
  • CYA Advice for the Small Business Owner 
  • Insurance Marketplace 2004: Still Striving for Stability 
  • A Lawsuit Arrives: Is Your Claim Covered or Not?
  • General Stability And The Northern Light
  • Don’t Let Your Lease Agreement Turn Into A Fashion Disaster
  • A Trend For All Seasons - Industry Consolidation and Transactional Risk
  • Reservation of Rights Letters by Insurance Companies - Their Escape Clause
  • A Practical Approach to Saving Money At Your Next Property Renewal - Tips 101 !
  • TKO - The Fall (Season) That Takes The Fall
  • Intellectual Property Rights Claims
  • Insurance Application Flaws - Who Is At Fault?


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