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“ ICA Survivor Series” is a Series co-authored by Barron S. Wall, ARM, PMC and Karen Wallace Walter, Esq., ARM, Michael A. Santulli, Esq. and published in COMMERCE Magazine. If you are interested in reading our articles, please contact us

  • ICA Survivor Series I: “Are You Prepared to Survive the Hard Insurance Marketplace” -COMMERCE Magazine (‘01)
  • ICA Survivor Series II: “Forewarned is Forearmed- Garner Your Strengths as you enter the Hardened Insurance Marketplace” -COMMERCE Magazine (‘01)
  • ICA Survivor Series III: “A Survivor’s Approach to Marketing Your Insurance Program” -COMMERCE Magazine (‘01)
  • ICA Survivor Series IV: “Negotiating the Obstacles & Uncovering the Hidden Dangers in the Insurance Marketing Process” - COMMERCE Magazine (‘01)
  • ICA Survivor Series V: Examining Your Insurance Proposals and Negotiating for the Broadest Coverage - COMMERCE Magazine (‘01)

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