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For any company facing bankruptcy, adequate insurance protection may become unavailable, yet the necessity is greater than ever. Accountants and attorneys who have Clients facing bankruptcy often refer their Clients to ICA for assistance in seeking the replacement of cancelled insurance or to find insurance when the Client’s own efforts to obtain coverage have failed.

At a time when cost cutting is in order, ICA helps the Client evaluate its risk management and insurance program with a critical eye in establishing the minimal insurance budget with the maximum protection. By comparing what insurance you have versus how much you need to adequately protect your company, ICA can seek to return some unnecessary premium dollars to the company. ICA can also evaluate what risk transfer mechanisms can be installed to shift some cost to third parties.

ICA has provided invaluable assistance to many companies facing this difficult hurdle, and oftentimes this service aids and provides the Client with the wherewithal to escape the constraints of bankruptcy and return to financial stability.

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