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ICA's unbiased position as a pure consultant permits us to manage the competitive marketing of the client's risk management program. After performing a risk management program audit, ICA  develops customized insurance coverage specifications tailored to create the optimal risk management and insurance program, whether it be for one policy or for the entire insurance program.

ICA also develops customized service agreements for all insurance vendors, including brokers, agents, third party administrators or national claims counsel. These agreements assure that all service providers assign the most seasoned personnel to ICA's clients, who are held accountable for their performance. Such agreements may require the service providers to follow reporting requirements, provide claims and engineering assistance, provide insurance policy critiquing and corrections, among a plethora of other issues, and permit the client to control the management and quality of these services.

During its pre-qualification process, ICA undertakes extensive research and evaluation of insurance brokers, insurance companies, and other vendors from a national and international database, seeking those insurance companies specializing in underwriting the client’s particular industry or coverage need. ICA seeks the client’s input in selecting those pre-qualified vendors with the requisite expertise in the client’s industry to participate in the marketing process.

Proposals are requested from insurers, through brokers, program managers, association programs, risk retention groups, or direct providers, which must respond specifically to ICA's specifications. Proposals must be accompanied by the specific policy forms being offered, any endorsements, terms, or exceptions to ICA's specifications. ICA  then reviews and compares all proposals for coverage quality, applicability of endorsements, and comparison of premium, to determine which quotations most closely match the terms of the specifications and the needs of the client at the best price offered.

ICA negotiates on the client's behalf with brokers and other insurance providers offering the best proposals to clarify inconsistencies, gaps in coverage or premium allocation. After recommendations to the client are made, the client selects the appropriate program and vendors. ICA then provides support to the client to smoothly implement the new risk management program.

It should be noted that this same methodology of drafting of specifications and marketing can and should be done regardless of premium size or type of coverage, as it is the quality of the contract and the inherent risk being passed to the insurance company that count, not the size of the premium.

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