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For nearly fifty years, ICA has provided risk management consulting services to industry, providing valuable support to CEO’s, CFO’s and Directors of Risk Management and, in many cases, virtually performing as an off-premises risk management department for its Clients. Based on our long term relationships with many of our Clients, ICA has developed the Risk Management Departments for some of the best recognized companies in the U.S. Based on the breadth of ICA’s Clients, ICA has access to and serves as a clearing house for highly qualified professionals in the risk management arena who are seeking challenging positions. ICA’s Out-Sourced Risk Management and Placement Service provides a unique array of services to its prospective or existing Clients - furnishing off-premises and on-premises, total risk management services and, depending on the Client’s needs, assisting them in selecting and training in-house risk management personnel.

ICA’s Out-Sourced Risk Management and Placement Service includes the following:

  • Evaluating the Client’s risk management function and advising on areas requiring modifications. As part of this service, ICA can evaluate the person(s) responsible for this function, and report to the Client whether a delegation of duties to others within or outside the organization is necessary to carry out this responsibility effectively.

  • Developing a template for the Client, which consists of outlining the parameters within which the Client’s risk management needs may be met, the responsibilities of the position, the background and special capabilities required, and establishing a composite of the ideal candidate to assume the responsibility.

  • Developing a pool of qualified persons who are likely to meet the Client’s specifications for the position and offering them to the Client for consideration. Depending on the Client’s preference, ICA can pre-screen the candidates and offer a short-list of the candidates most likely to meet the Client’s requirements and expectations.

  • Training and providing orientation services to the selected candidate(s) to perform the function effectively. To accommodate the integration of these person(s) into the Client’s organization, the training could be provided at the ICA offices.

  • Providing supplementary, off-premises support services to the Client’s risk management personnel, through ICA’s associates and consultants who have expertise and specialized, current knowledge in the risk management industry.

  • Providing qualified personnel on ICA’s own payroll, to provide in-house or off-site risk management services on a part-time or full-time basis.

  • Providing Project staffing to meet the Client’s short-term, temporary needs for specially qualified persons, such as for the evaluation of the risk management implications of an impending merger or acquisition, the assumption of the risk manager’s role during a transition phase, setting up the Client’s certificate of insurance program, and the provision of insurance related advice and support for first and/or third-party claims.

  • Providing risk management professionals on a temp-to-hire basis.

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