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Corporate officers and business owners spend hours assuring their businesses are protected by the best insurance coverage and legal agreements, yet often have little time left over to assure their own personal assets, life insurance, disability and estate planning needs are being properly addressed. ICA’s objectivity fulfills the personal lines insurance needs of its corporate clientele’s officers and owners. ICA will undertake a risk management analysis and critique of an individual’s personal insurance policies and estate planning objectives, relating to family, business and future needs, and assist in the development of an optimal personal risk management and insurance program.

ICA’s Executive Insurance Review Service includes the following:

  • Review of all existing life, health and disability insurance policies, any agreements such as Buy Sell Agreements, Key Man Life policies, in conjunction with existing estate planning documents, wills, trusts, annuities, or any alternative funding mechanisms. This will include an analysis of coverage, pricing and adequacy of limits, qualification of brokers and insurance companies, and assurance that clauses in documents properly address life insurance or disability needs and that the language is properly drafted to match the insurance needs.

  • Review existing homeowners, auto and excess or umbrella policies, with emphasis on assuring terms are broadest and coverage adequate in relation to existing real and personal property and any liability exposures. Suggest improvements or alternative programs based on specific gaps or weaknesses in coverage needs based on exposure, as well as alternative programs and insurance companies. Discuss and recommend appropriate insurance vendors, products, and legal professionals who can work together to compile a thorough personal risk management and estate planning program.

  • Provide competitive insurance marketing service for individual insurance policies., which shall include, where appropriate, coverage for complex or difficult risks or items requiring special insurance ie. flood, earthquakes, fine arts, collectibles, luxury items such as yachts, airplanes, etc..

  • Provide personal policy language review in the event of a first party claim to assure coverage possibilities are maximized, and, if necessary, serve as an expert witness to support any efforts to obtain coverage, and provision of defense and costs.

  • Evaluate Client’s exposure as a director of not-for-profit organizations, including any such organizations’ director and officers’ liability insurance coverage, and identify any insurance programs available based on a Client’s membership, affiliation or participation in professional, religious or civic organizations.

  • Review of any Group Personal Insurance Programs offered by a Client’s employer.

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