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ICA RISK MANAGEMENT CONSULTANTS.....protector of policyholder's interests.

ICA's founders recognized the inherent conflict of interest that exists between the policyholder and their own insurance brokers, agents or insurance companies who are driven not for the good of the policyholder but by their own need to sell insurance products. As risk management professionals, ICA's Associates fill this gap by providing experienced, unbiased counsel and uncomplicated advice to Clients. ICA's professionals design and implement the most optimal and cost effective risk management programs based on superior risk management strategies that are not generally recommended by their insurance providers. Learn more about our Treasured History.

ICA's mission is to provide the highest level of intellect, creativity and awareness in developing and managing our Client's risk management and insurance programs. We actively study the insurance marketplace to remain knowledgeable of all developing insurance coverage changes, trends, programs, and policy improvements, to assure that we are accessing and applying the most current and cost effective risk management solutions. We monitor the implementation and performance of these strategies, including the management of our Client's service providers which include their brokers, agents, insurance companies and other insurance related professionals, to assure the Client's assets, business endeavors and future are properly protected from a risk management perspective.

Our only concern is the policyholders' interests. As professionals with roots in industry, not insurance, our Associates and Consultants are experienced in making business decisions, not in selling insurance. ICA sells no insurance, accepts no commissions and does not participate in any premium savings. We are a pure consulting firm, paid on a fixed fee, time and expense, or project basis only. We remain entirely objective, with our sole motivation being the design and implementation of a thorough, affordable risk management program for our Clients, which often results in significant cost reductions, both short and long term. With ICA as your advocate, this permits you to flourish in the business you know best, assured that your risk management concerns are properly protected.

ICA advises more than 350 Clients in a wide spectrum of industries  that collectively spend billions of dollars for risk management products annually. For a detailed listing of our areas of expertise, click on our List of Client Industries.

ICA meets these challenges by providing the following services:

  • risk management consulting
  • employee benefits
  • expert witness & litigation support
  • executive insurance review
  • business continuity & disaster planning

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